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- Insider Knowledge and Process Expertise

- Unfettered decision-maker access

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Lobbying & Advocacy

Expert representation before key federal decision-makers.


Drawing on the decade’s expertise of former Members of Parliament and Senior Civil Servants who served as Deputy Minister, PARLGROUP is uniquely poised to provide proven and certifiable expertise to represent your vision when advocating before key federal decision-makers. Certified, because we have served and in many cases led the very departments and agencies of capital importance to national and international corporate interests seeking to do business with the government of Canada.

With our first-hand experience as either Members of Parliament or as Top Civil Servants, PARLGROUP is the process expert as its team members have actually devised policy, revised regulations, debated in committee, and passed legislation which together has impacted the course of successive Canadian Governments.

In sum, we have worked from the inside as MPs, Caucus Chairs, Ministers, including military personnel, and leading civil servants as opposed to those merely looking in from the outside of government.

Unfettered Access:

As former Members of Parliament along with our Civil Service colleagues, we enjoy unfettered access to the Parliamentary Hill precinct. This unique advantage allows us to access all key decision-makers within the walls of the House of Commons or Senate, saving our clients’ time and preventing the frustration of waiting at the door of the visitor security gate.

PARLGROUP has been compared to the Apollo 13 ground crew due to our professional training and process expertise, as our certifiable government service has proven successful when corporate interests are impacted by regulatory decisions, adverse procurement policies, and unfair legislative initiatives when an unforeseen corporate or economic crisis occurs.

In these trying times, our experienced parliamentary and civil service hands are there to guide and advocate on your behalf before our peers in government. PARLGROUP is there to get it done.

International Affiliates & Companies Served

Through our vast network of well-informed contacts worldwide, we have the unique ability to provide onsite counsel outside of Canada regarding potential opportunities for international entities seeking to do business in Canada.


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