Service Overview

- Identify funding opportunities

- Evaluate eligibility criteria

- Proposal drafting assistance

- Ongoing project support

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Project Development & Funding

Unlocking joint funding opportunities in Canada.


The Canadian federal government offers an extensive range of funding opportunities that can help your company transform a project from a conceptual phase to a fully commercialized venture.

If you're interested in exploring joint funding opportunities in Canada, our skilled team of consultants is here to support you.

Identify Eligible Criteria for Federal or Regional Funding

Our expert consultants will evaluate your development project to determine if it meets the eligibility criteria for large-scale federal or regional funding. We have in-depth knowledge of the various funding programs and criteria, ensuring that we can accurately assess your project's potential for financial support.

Proposal Drafting and Application Assistance

Once we have identified the most appropriate funding avenue for your project, our team will provide comprehensive assistance throughout the proposal drafting and application process. We'll help you develop a compelling proposal that effectively communicates the value of your project and aligns with the specific requirements of the funding program.

Ongoing Support for Project Success

Beyond the application process, our team is committed to supporting the ongoing success of your project. We'll help you navigate any potential challenges, manage reporting requirements, and ensure that your project remains on track to achieve its objectives.


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